More Cultural Centers and Parks should be Built in Tehran: Morteza Tamaddon

As per the Governor of Tehran, Morteza Tamaddon, there should be a relocation of the centers and bases of the armed forces of Iran and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The motive behind this statement is that the existence of bases and offices in Tehran are not in accordance with the existing regulations and hence, it is recommended that they move to other cities.

Morteza Tamaddon also pointed out that, previously, prisons were also relocated away from Tehran in a similar manner and this had also gained approval from the Judiciary. He expects the Government of Iran to undertake the relocation of armed forces bases and offices in a similar manner to any other city away from Tehran. This would change the prevailing scenario in Tehran, and citizens would be able to enjoy better cultural amenities in Tehran.

To further support their relocation, Morteza Tamaddon said that the facilities required for relocation were all provided by them. They also provided the required barracks and buildings so that the relocation becomes easier for armed forces, and the process of relocation could be done sooner.

However, he expressed displeasure as there was not much cooperation from the armed forces for relocating their base camps away from Tehran and due to this, the Governor of Tehran is unable to go ahead with the construction of parks and other cultural centers. The main intention of Morteza Tamaddon was to make way for the opening of new parks and cultural centers.

He plans to build more parks and cultural centers so that the residents of Tehran are able to enjoy better facilities and civic amenities. This construction would be done by entering into a partnership with the Municipality of Tehran.

Socialists and analysts opine that there would be no relocation from the defense forces anytime soon. They are sure that the IRGC has no plans of moving out of Tehran, at least until 2015. Recently, when there were riots in the streets of Tehran, the rioters were suppressed by IRGC along with the volunteer forces of Basij.