Business Information about Iran to be Passed on to the Investors from Malaysia

The collaboration group of the Government of Malaysia said that there is a huge potential in Iran’s technology. The Managing Director also said that they see a potential in high-tech industries of Iran and also its technology, in which they plan to invest.

As per the reports obtained from Isfahan Governorate and its office of public relations, Yused Suleiman is in talks with the Governor General of Isfahan to construct a factory that would be capable of producing alcohol from spoilages of plants, mixtures which when used would increase the shelf life of citrus and also Nano-technology and Bio-technology. These technologies are found to be feasible for investments in Iran.

To support the claims, the Secretary of Aero-space association of Malaysia also said that with the infuse of such large amounts for investment purposes, it would also prove to be beneficial for Malaysia and its economy. This would result in the creation of a win-win situation for both the countries and they would help each other to develop mutually.

Also, the Governor General of Isfahan Governorate, Alireza Zaker Isfahani spoke to reporters in a news meet held recently. He said that the investment of Malaysia in the technology of Iran would help Iran to gain access to the world markets and this would in turn help in the flourishing of economies of both Iran and Malaysia.

He went on to speak about the capabilities each province of Iran has and how beneficial it would prove to be in the fields of science and modern technology. There is a vast potential for the development of industries related of iron, steel, cement, construction materials, petrochemicals and other food products.

By investing in Iran, Malaysia plans to improve the quality of the above mentioned items and this would help them in marketing the produce to the world market. Yused Suleiman and his investments were welcomed by the governor as this would prove to be highly beneficial.