Mehdi Sanaei says that People of Egypt Need Independence

A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Maljis, Mehdi Sanaei, is of the opinion that for the revolution to be completed successfully, there should be a greater level of independence available for the citizens of Egypt. As they are unable to get it, the revolution is not complete fully and due to this, there are several problems arising in Egypt.

The leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamanei has also expressed regret for the recent actions of the army of Egypt, as they ousted the previous president, Mohammad Mursi. Mehdi Sanaei went on to say that Egypt is unable to generate sufficient revenues on its own and is now dependent on other countries for financial aid.

He also brought to notice the recent news reports, which estimate that the United States alone infuses approximately one billion into the economy of Egypt annually. As a result of this, the government of Egypt is bound to follow the policies set by the Western countries and is not able to follow any of its own.

Hence, there are several problems arising in Egypt and Mehdi Sanaei says that this can be handled only if highly experienced economists are given power to resurrect the economy of Egypt. He stressed on the potential of Egypt, to grow as a flourishing economy. The power sector of Egypt has not been able to perform well in the past few months and emphasis must be laid on all the sectors.

Also, the neighboring state of Iran would be of much help as per Sanaei, and believes that it is also the responsibility of Iran, as a Muslim nation, to help Egypt. With this, Mehdi Sanaei declared solidarity and support towards improving on the economy of Iran.

However, the army of Egypt has warned Iran to stay away from the internal problems of Iran, while Iran continues to advise the government of Egypt to cut the diplomatic ties with Israel and the United States. In the recent past, Iran and Egypt had patched up on their ties after 30 long years, but it again worsened due to the Syrian crisis.