Mojang to Launch New Edition of Minecraft in Quarter 3 2016, Acquisition Explained by Microsoft CEO

In May alone, the Minecraft videos on YouTube garnered more than four billion views, more than three times that done by Grand Theft Auto, the next game in the line, according to Octoly, a software company, and Newzoo, a gaming research farm.

Having social gaming achieve such heights of popularity not only makes the participants more creative, but also builds bridges between human beings. 12,000 gamers come together in Mojang’s annual Minecon conference in Southern California.

The game has attracted even people who are not members of the gaming domain in the traditional sense. The poem at the ending credits of its initial adventure has been written by the Irish novelist Julian Gough, while a company has been commissioned by the Danish government to make a real-scale map of Denmark inside the game.

The game also is a keystone for future cooperative projects, especially of the digital kind, that kids may get involved in.

Understanding its educational and developmental qualities, Minecraft has also become a regular feature of programs across Public Libraries. New York Public Library has a Minecraft Club.

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