Suicide Squad May Get Harley-Joker Spin-Off, Director Accused of Plagiarism, Will Smith Criticizes Trump

According to Margot Robbie, who plays the supervillain Harley Quinn in Warner Bros’ latest DC outing Suicide Squad, the deleted scenes did not make it into the new movie because the present story line would have been confusing.

Robbie said during an interview with TipsyTalk that the deleted scenes that had been shot with the two characters were amazing and involved a lot of back stories. As such they may have been omitted to keep the film focused on the mission at hand.

This follows Leto telling IGN that the amount of the deleted footage was enough to make a full Joker movie. Being a methodic actor, he had worked very hard for the movie, and had sent dead pigs and live rats to his co-stars in the movie.

His character ended up getting only about fifteen minutes worth of screen time, much to the anger of fans – especially one, who is suing Warner Bros for misleading promotional.

When asked about the possibility of a spin-off where Harley Quinn and his boyfriend, famous for their dysfunctional relationship, get a movie of their own, Robbie said that she was trying to make that happen.

Speaking of the Joker, director of Suicide Squad David Ayer recently told Empire that Batman grievously injured Joker. Batman smashed Joker’s teeth out when the latter killed Robin, before throwing him into Arkham Asylum.

According to Ayer, Joker could have put the ‘damaged’ tattoo on his forehead as a defiant message to Batman, reminding him what he had done to his once-beautiful face. This is Ayer’s personal, though informed, theory.

One of the most expected movies of this year, Suicide Squad was quick to dispel all illusions it seems, garnering mostly negative reviews.

Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 26% rating, calling for a petition urging fans who liked the movie for shutting down the site, setting off consequent debates about the thin-skinned nature of a particular section of the audience.

The people associated with the movie though feel that the critics were determined to give it bad ratings even before they had visited the theaters to watch it.

Nevertheless, the film, which opened with $135.1 million, setting the record for the highest opening for a film in the month of August, dropped off worse than Batman vs. Superman on the second day.

In fact, with a predicted $45 million-$48 million earnings frame by Forecast, its decline will be around 65%, slightly better than the 69% of Batman vs. Superman.

At present, it is holding off newly released films Pete’s Dragon (Disney), Sausage Party(Sony) and Florence Foster Jenkins (Paramount). These three movies, which have got much better ratings, may not end up beating Suicide Squad.

Meanwhile, the negative reviews received by Suicide Squad seem to be motivating the cast of Justice League, another DC film soon to be released. Though Ezra Miller, who plays The Flash in the upcoming movie, was banking on the loyal fan base while speaking to MTV, the extent to which his hope holds valid remains to be seen.

As an observer pointed out, DC’s about having a worthwhile cinematic universe now depended completely on Wonder Woman, who was also the only bright spot in the big dud called Batman vs. Superman.

Evidently, DC has not had success that can be compared in any way to that achieved by Marvel and Disney. And any more big failures would involve subsequent losses for the movies that Warner Bros is contract bound to release till 2020.

While Suicide Squad is still performing well, just crossing X-Men: Apocalypse with its earnings on Tuesday, whether it can make good profits is up for debate.

Some factors behind the tanking of Suicide Squad, excluding the conspiracy theories doing rounds regarding the critics being prejudiced, include poor editing, messed up pace, very short time devoted to script-writing, and a mismatch of the environment in the stories and Zack Snyder’s vision.