Suicide Squad May Get Harley-Joker Spin-Off, Director Accused of Plagiarism, Will Smith Criticizes Trump

The only saving grace for the movie seems to be the performance by the leads, in spite of the injustice that the script does to them. Margot Robbie and Viola Davis have received special attention for their performance, and Robbie’s Harley Quinn is to star alongside other female DC villains and heroes in a spin-off.

In addition to its execution woes, Suicide Squad got into a mini-controversy when rap group Die Antwoord accused director David Ayer of copying their style for Joker and Harley. Apparently, Ayer had called up the band on set without revealing his intentions. Ayer is yet to comment.

On another note, Suicide Squad cast member Will Smith, who plays Deadshot in the film, recently blasted Donald Trump’s Islamophobia, and his other controversial comments, while in Dubai to promote the film.

According to him, while it is a good thing for people to know who are the ones to be cleaned out from America if Trump gets his way, he also expressed concerns over Trump making a bad case out of Americans in general in the eyes of the world.

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