Mohsen Rezaee Asks for Better Economic Relations Between Iran and China

The Secretary of Expediency Discernment Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohsen Rezaee, said that the economic ties between Iran and China should be improved and this would benefit both the nations. As of now, China is the largest purchaser of oil from Iran.

In a recent meeting held with the Ambassador of China to Tehran, Mohsen Rezaee laid emphasis on the importance of improved relations between Iran and China. He said that the backgrounds and perspectives of both the countries are highly similar. The tremendous progress made by China in several fields in the recent past show the significance China has in international issues and the worldwide economies.

There was a meeting held between Mahsen Rezaee and Yohang Yang, the Ambassador to Tehran from the People’s Republic of China. Rezaee said in the meeting that improved relations would be beneficial for both the countries and they can work together in the sectors of agriculture and energy. If there is proper cooperation and partnership between both the nations, it would serve to be beneficial to both the nations.

However, analysts and economists from Iran blame the ties between Iran and China for the high levels of inflation and unemployment that is prevailing in Iran. Iran supplies China with oil and in turn receives goods from China in return, as Iran is unable to receive international payments. Due to this, the laborers and traders in Iran are facing a tough time.

Yohang Yang also showed interest in working towards better ties with Iran. He said that the People’s Republic of China is also keenly interested in improving on the economic ties between Iran and China. The relationship between China and Iran are set to improve, following high level of diplomatic talks between both the nations.

However, the situation in Iran is unlikely to change, as the United States continues to impose sanctions, which is hindering the growth of Iran’s economy majorly and there are a large majority of Iranians who are unable to get jobs.