Iran to Supply its Southern Provinces with Water from the Persian Gulf

Several regions in the South of Iran, such as Hormozgan and Fars, do not have adequate water resources and face scarcity. The locals of the Southern Provinces have been raising their concern about the lack of water with the local government, so that they would be able to offer a solution to address the problem of water scarcity.

The Government of Iran has now worked on a plan to transfer water from the Persian Gulf to the Southern Provinces,which people who face a scarcity of water in the Southern regions will benefit from tremendously.

This report was further confirmed by Majid Namjoo, the Minister for Energy in Iran. The project will be tentatively kick-started within a month, as per reports and as per the statements of Namjoo.The first phase of the water transfer project would be completed within the end of 2013, and the costs would be covered under the ambit of the fifth national development plan.

The estimated cost that is set aside by the Government of Iran for this project is $400 Million, and it will be built on a partnership basis with private firms. The Energy Ministry and other private companies will work on a collaborative basis to complete this project.

It has also been said that the required certifications and clearances for launching this project has been obtained from the national and international authorities responsible. Previously, when water was being drawn from the Caspian Sea to cater to the needs of the Central Provinces of Iran, it faced objection from several countries in the neighborhood.

But for this particular project, no country has objected as of this date, and the Iranian Government is going ahead with it. This would come as a major benefit to the Iranian citizens, as around 20 million people lack access to sanitary water. Due to this, the overall access to water scenario in Iran would be improved greatly, and people from both the rural and urban regions would be able to gain access to sanitary water.