Mohenjo Daro Keeps Hopes Afloat, Does Good Business, Disappoints at Crucial Moments

And finally there are the very bad bits. The city being called Mohenjo-Daro by the inhabitants themselves, when it was a name which the place gradually acquired with the continuing excavations. After all, Mohenjo Daro means ‘Mound of the Dead’!

Its critical reception notwithstanding, the film has received positive reviews from the audience, especially in social media, which must have given nightmares to the film-makers with its incessant trolls and jokes which followed right up to the release of the movie.

In fact, as Hrithik Roshan himself said, he was surprised at the positive reception of the film, though what it says about an actor who is usually very confident of his work is open to interpretation.

While this film was a much-needed success both for Roshan, who is back after two whole years and for Gowarikar, whose post-Swades movies had been receiving average reviews, Roshan had been his usual diplomatically defensive self, saying that the film was a success if only for the hard work that went into it.

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