2016 Rio Olympics Setting New Records And Breaking Stereotypical Taboos, Safety And Maintenance Still Remains A Question

While a girl might dream about a ring studded with dazzling diamonds, and a guy’s dream may or may not include four interwoven rings as their car’s brand, a sports person’s only set goal and dream is to represent their country in the event with five colorful rings, or the Olympics as everyone calls it.

Waiting and preparing for an event that happens every four years and that leaves behind imprints in every person’s souls – be it with the incredible achievements or the life changing stories – from a varying age group, is inspiring to every person watching.

As much as I would love to indulge my rabid readers with every minuscule detail of the happenings regarding the Olympics, a single article is not even close to 1% of what my thoughts are. So let’s highlight some important news from this year’s Olympics.

Dribbling the football across the field, the brilliant and coordinated playing between Sophia Schmidt and Janine Beckie is what took the Canadian women’s soccer team to advance to the semi-finals after beating France by 1-0.

While Canada is set to play against Germany in a pool play rematch on Tuesday in Belo Horizante, Sweden and Brazil are set to face each other in the other semifinal in Rio. Four years ago Canada defeated France by the same score and secured a bronze medal: this time, Canada is just one step behind from climbing the medal podium.

Nail biting anticipation chipping off, while everyone thought France had a better scoring opportunity, Janine Beckie turned the tables around, skillfully passing the ball to her teammate Schmidt, who scored and took the winning shot in the 51st minute.

And it looked like Beckie was in a full form that day with a mindset to win when she skillfully blocked the free kick hit from their captain Christine Sinclair, who was so close to scoring a goal for her team and giving France the chance to tie.

While in the 81st minute, Schmidt left the field in replacement for defender Rebecca Quinn, the French team was set on breaking and probing the Canadian defense to land themselves a scoring goal.

Canadian captain Christine Sinclair in an interview stated that defeating France in the quarter-finals was not what they came here for. They have come here with the set goal of taking back one of those medals and to stand on top of the podium, and now two more games are left to decide their fate.

There’s always someone to break or set a record and make everyone look up to them with a new ray of hope. Simone Manuel has proven to be one such of an example. Manuel is the first African-American to win gold in the women’s 100-meter freestyle at the Summer Olympics in Rio.

While Simone Manuels set a new record, female gymnast Simone Biles, who had her heart set on proving to the world that the color of her skin didn’t determine the talent she possessed, proved everyone was looking down upon her, winning all around gold at the Olympic Games in her category.

Both Manuel and Biles have had a rough journey. Discriminated for the color of their skin being black, they have always wanted to prove themselves and be remembered as the ones who never gave up.  And that’s exactly what they did, despite all the hurdles and limited access.

After research, when it came into account of how just a mere 6% of the entire count of the gymnasts is African-American, there has been assurance made regarding increasing the diversity and trailing more access to the African-Americans.

Despite the way it may appear to some, it looks like Rio was probably not the best option for the conduction of the Olympics, 2016. Not just management but it seems like the security and safety has not been managed as well as it could have been.