2016 Rio Olympics Setting New Records And Breaking Stereotypical Taboos, Safety And Maintenance Still Remains A Question

Reported news of bus windows that got blasted out, the Australian coaches getting robbed at knife point and the mishaps don’t stop there. A Brazilian police officer has been killed and a stray bullet landed in the media tent.

Not just the poor security but the poor management and maintenance have set off many important events too. Diving practices had to be postponed when the swimming pools turned algae green and the water was deemed contaminated and unfit for any practice.

Swimmer Fran Hansell was supposed to arrive in the Aquatics stadium, but the bus she boarded along with semi-finalists Jeanette Ottesen of Denmark and Aliaksandra Herasimenia of Belarus took them to the Olympic Stadium instead.

In 2009, when Brazil won the bid for hosting the Olympics, the country was a country in the path of progress with a remarkable GDP. Now seven years later, the country is on the road of downfall and an increasing unemployment rate.

With all the building turmoils, the adrenaline is still high and the achievements have not died down. Every sportsman is giving out their absolute best to bring back pride to their country and family.

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