Rob Segedin Back In The Major League With Los Angeles Dodgers, Homers Less Clustered Than Before; Corey Seager Doesn’t Consider Himself A Home Run Hitter, Kershaw Set To Return

Rob Segedin got his break in the big league with Los Angeles Dodgers against the Boston Red Sox. There aren’t many who would know his name, but then things weren’t always like this for Rob Segedin.

He started his career as a well-known player from Tulane University and went on to be drafted in the third round by the New York Yankees in 2010. He performed well in 2011 with a .323/.396/.492 run in Low-A, but he stagnated after reaching Double-A in 2012.

Sporting injuries kept him out of the game in 2013. He had a back injury from playing in college and then hip surgery from the minor league. The New York Yankees weren’t sure about him anymore.

When he came back into the game in 2014 Segedin did pretty well but was overshadowed by better players. He was finally traded to Los Angeles Dodgers in January. Many felt that the shift to Los Angeles Dodgers wouldn’t do well for him, but he proved them wrong.

He has gone ahead to become the best pitcher in the Pacific Coast League, hitting .319/.392/.598 for Oklahoma City. He has 81 strikeouts, 21 homers and 40 walks under in 373 at-bats.

This is one of the best ranks he has had in the course of his career. The tenure with New York Yankees saw his powerful strike zone respected, but his raw power would often go untapped. The run with Los Angeles Dodgers has been different.

The way Rob Segedin has been playing during his term with Los Angeles Dodgers shows that his homers are less clustered than what they would be previously. He has hit homers to the center field, left-center alley and even to the right of the field. It looks like the Los Angeles Dodgers have helped him discover that he can produce more power if he doesn’t try to pull everything.

Rob Segedin is living proof that hard work gets rewarded. After almost seven years in the minor league, he finally made it to the series finale for Los Angeles Dodgers against the Boston Red Sox. Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager, Dave Roberts said that the team is excited to have Segedin make his debut in the major league against Red Sox in the Dodgers Stadium.

Roberts stated that Rob had earned his position in the team. He has had a tough road to traverse, but he overcame all the challenges and had been rewarded for the hard work he had put in.

Segedin took his spot for the Los Angeles Dodgers in place of infielder Chris Taylor. There was room made for him on the 40-man roster since Trayce Thompson was transferred to the 60-day disabled list. He will be back in the LA Dodgers roster in September.

Segedin started the year with Oklahoma City, but he was called back to the Los Angeles Dodgers since he had a .392 on-base percentage and a.319 batting average.

He led the Pacific Coast League with 21 home runs and 69 RBIs in a total of 103 games. The Los Angeles Dodgers needed Rob Segedin against the Red Sox since they were struggling against the left-hand pitching.

Los Angeles Dodgers has been on the frontline in the season with Corey Seager. He has been hitting in from April and continued into May. While Justin Turner might have been named the offensive player of the month in July for Los Angeles Dodgers, Seager was the one who had been ready to hit for the Dodgers whenever they needed it.