Modern Family Season 7: Gloria Goes for Jury Duty, Jay Rescued by Joe, Claire Messed Up at Work, And More!

Gloria has been having a successful run this time with her advise. She also teaches a Manny a lesson of self-confidence. Manny confides in her that he likes a girl called Chelsea, but hasn’t been able to approach her.

Gloria in the meantime is very excited because her favorite television star is visiting the city. She finds out her itinerary and plans on bumping into her accidentally. However, when she finally meets her, she completely loses her cool and the famous star is scared by her antics and runs away.

Manny witnesses this entire episode and Gloria uses it to teach her that even confident people can have a bad day and that doesn’t mean someone should shy away always. This gives Manny enough courage to speak up and ask Chelsea out and she agrees.

Modern Family has been having a successful run. The show won a lot of awards at the last Grammy’s and have been one of the most popular show on ABC.

However, there are reports that the show has been receiving a lot of flak for being repetitive. It is being said that it is lacking good jokes and is also reusing situations from the previous seasons.

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