Mob Wives Season 6: Natalie Guercio Ousted For Meth Addiction, Big Ang Diagnosed With Cancer!

Angela Raiola, who is fondly called Big Ang has agreed to Graziano. She has previously supported Natalie G, but agreed that Mob Wives Season 6 should focus on them and not be focused on the Ratalie drama.

Mob Wives Season 6 will see Carla Facciolo and Ramona Rizzo making a comeback this season now that Natalie Guercio will not be returning.

Apart from all the series drama, there’s been a bad news that the cast of the reality series is trying to deal with. Big Ang has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Reports say that the tumor is very large and she is unable to speak anymore because of her medical condition. It hasn’t been revealed whether the tumor is life threatening or not, but judging by the reports, things don’t look very good.

The medical condition has been caused Big Ang’s fondness for cigarettes. She has been smoking for the past four decades. Angela is scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor. It’s said that since the cancer was discovered early, there is a chance of her beating the disease.

Her fans and colleagues are hoping that she makes a quick recovery and can be back on the sets soon enough.