Dance Moms Season 5: Nia And Kendall Focus On Their Singing Career, Jill and Holly Spur!

In the last episode of Dance Moms Season 5, we see Abby Lee pushing Maddie and Kalani to perform and win against the Murrieta Dance Project. The Abby Lee Dance Company had been badly defeated the last time they had faced MDP and this time Abby is not going to let the opportunity of a victory go away.

In order to win the World-Class Talent Experience Abby makes Maddie Ziegler and Kalani Hilliker dance against each other. While it initially looked like Kalani will shine through, Maddie defeats Kalani with her solo performance of Dreams Come True.

Erin Babb and her Murrieta Dance Project had won with a perfect score the last time. This time she tries to make her team go after Maddie but is unsuccessful. They lose out on the solo performance, and ALDC also wins the Junior Small Group Division and beats MDP by 6 points with their performance of ‘The Rose Garden.’

After defeating the Murrieta Dance Project and putting up an exceptional performance, the ALDC is an all time high. Pumped up after the big win in California the Abby Lee Dance Company is heading to other competitions to continue their winning streak.

In the upcoming episode of Dance Moms Season 5 titled ‘Video Killed the ALDC Star’, we see that team preparing for a face-off in another dance competition in Los Angeles. This time, Abby is going to use JoJo and Kendall and secure a win. However, things aren’t going to be as easy as presumes it to be.

Kendall, who is an exceptional dancer, seems to be distracted by something. In the episode synopsis, it is said that Kendall is using every bit of her time to practise and rehearse for her solo. No, it’s not for the dance competition, but for the music video, where Nia will be competing with her.

Nia and Kendall want to become popstars apart from being dance prodigies. The two young girls will realise soon enough that they have to sacrifice one life to get another and getting the best of both the worlds will not be easy. This situation puts Abby in a fix because she wants to win at LA.