Dance Moms Season 5: Nia And Kendall Focus On Their Singing Career, Jill and Holly Spur!

Dance moms Holly and Jill are supportive of their daughters’ aspirations and do not mind them pursuing both singing and dancing. However, things get heated up between the mothers when their competitive side kicks in.

Maddie, Mackenzie and Kendall meet Todrick, director and choreographer. Nia wasn’t invited to accompany them, and when she sees the photos on Instagram, she is heartbroken. Holly charges at Jill, and it becomes an all out war! The mothers, however, decide to keep their differences aside for the sake of the team and their L.A competition.

Viewers need to watch the next episode of Dance Moms Season 5 to see how Nia and Kendall manage to balance their singing and dancing careers and does Kendall help the ALDC secure a victory in L.A.

Dancing Moms Season 5 lets the viewers enjoy not only some spectacular dance routines, but also plenty of drama between the girls and their competitive mothers. Tune into Lifetime Network on 21st April to view the latest episode of Dance Moms Season 5.