Mob Wives Season 6: Natalie Guercio Ousted For Meth Addiction, Big Ang Diagnosed With Cancer!

Mob Wives Season 5 saw a lot of controversies and drama, especially surrounding Natalie Guercio. She had revealed in a blog that she wanted a break from all the drama and controversy surrounding her, but it seems like there was more to her statement than what she actually revealed.

Natalie Guercio has been ousted from Mob Wives Season 6 because of her meth addiction. Karen Gravano was the first to confirm the news that Natalie G was actually sacked from the show.

Gravano tweeted that she knows what the real season is behind Natalie G sitting at home and relaxing. It was because she is no longer on the show and laughed at Natalie’s attempt at covering up the reality.

Another Mob Wives participant, Renee Graziano has been more forthcoming with her sympathies for Natalie G and has said that she has been hospitalized for meth overdose. In a deleted post on Twitter, Renee Graziano had said that she is there to see Natalie G through her crisis and is praying for her speedy recovery.

There were other posts from Renee Graziano that had talked about Natalie Guercio struggling with meth addiction. She lashed out at websites and gossip columns that were attacking Guercio and said that once she accepts the problem and takes help, she will be fine.

Renee Graziano told OK! Magazine, that she wanted an end to the drama that was brewing between Natalie Guercio and Natalie DiDonato. She will not have the same thing being repeated in Mob Wives Season 6. She said she sees her old self coming out, she will step aside and ask God to help her control.

The show, Renee said, was not about a bunch of women calling each other names and making things difficult. It’s more about family and about making attempts to change their lives after the kind of lifestyle they have chosen. Graziano said that Season 4 saw them make some terrible mistakes and they will rectify those in Season 6.