Mission Impossible 5: DVD for The Film Launched, BMW Used for the Stunts Still in a Working Condition, M.I.6 Under Production!

With the success of Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation, producer Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie are already planning for the sixth edition of Mission Impossible.

Yes, the M.I films might be becoming no brainers with audience complaining that Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation was nothing about mindless stunts, motorcycle chases and a rather bizarre plot.

This, however, didn’t stop the film from becoming a super hit, so much so, that the team is already planning for the next installment of the franchise. For those who couldn’t catch Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation in the theater, they have a good news coming their way. The film was recently launched on Blu-ray/DVD.

Collider had an interview with the director Christopher McQuarrie on the occasion of the launch of the Mission Impossible 5 DVD and spoke about his experience of directing the movie. McQuarrie said that the experience of working on the film was very interesting since there was a lot of time crunch under which they had to work throughout the filming.

The initial schedule was meant to be for the film to be released in winter, last year, but it was ultimately rescheduled to come out in summer since they didn’t want to release along with Star Wars Episode VII: Force Awakens.

McQuarrie said there was a general idea that the producers and writers had to cut down on a lot of things in the plot since they were pressed for time, but that wasn’t the case. The team worked with what they already had in mind and the time never hampered their creative process or their original plan.

However, McQuarrie confessed to Collider that he would want to begin filming Mission Impossible 6 with a finished script. While the challenge of working out the next step as one goes along in the film is an exciting challenge, there are times when it helps to have a complete script right in front since it makes the work a little easy on a tough day.

McQuarrie when asked if Mission impossible 5 actress Rebecca Ferguson will be back for Mission Impossible 6, he said that she was exactly what they were looking for in the leading lady for the film.

They had the audition for the part of the leading lady much later in the filming process and were pressed for time. However, Tom Cruise and he knew that Fergusson was just perfect for the role the moment they came across her at the audition.

While McQuarrie didn’t confirm if Rebecca Fergusson is going to be back, he hinted at the fact that he would love to work with her again. He said that he had just started working on the screenplay for Mission Impossible 6 and will also need to confirm with producer Tom Cruise before things can be confirmed about their plans for the upcoming movie.

Mission Impossible 5 had opened with the crazy airplane stunt where Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt hanged on for dear life from the door of an airplane. For action movie fans who love to watch stunts, there is good news.

Christopher McQuarrie has shared that they have plans for some major stunts in the next Mission Impossible film as well and will shoot with cameras that enable IMAX experience to be enhanced.

While talking about the stunts in the Mission Impossible franchise, the nasty car chase scene that is depicted in the film was one of the best chase scenes that the fans of the franchise have ever seen. It is very common that the audience always wonder what’s the fate of the cars and the bikes that are used for such heavy duty action sequences?