What Happens to Noah Solloway in The Affair Season 3? Maura Tierney Reveals Upcoming Season Will Be Different and Exciting!

Fans of The Affair have been waiting for a long time to discover the culprit responsible for the death of Scotty Lockhart. In Season 2, the murder trial took a backseat because of numerous relationship problems between Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson).

When the mystery surrounding Scotty’s death finally cleared, it was a shock for everyone when Noah ended up taking the blame.

Noah is currently facing time in prison and many of the series fans are wondering what’s next in The Affair Season 3? What kind of path will be taken by Alison’s storyline adopt? Will the romance between Noah and Helen be rekindled by their romance?

There are several reports which indicate that the upcoming season will focus on Noah and Helen’s relationship. Furthermore, Helen’s guilt will be incorporated into the plot.

Furthermore, it will play a very significant part in her relationship with Noah. Actor Joshua Johnson plays the role of Cole Lockhart and during a recent interview that The Affair Season 3 will depict the events which are triggered after Scotty’s death.

The actor reported that the next installment in Showtime’s drama series will come with some lighter moments and this probably means good news for fans who suffered from overdose of lies and cheating which took place in Season 2.

Sarah Treem, the executive producer declared that each season of The Affair has undertaken a different tone and things will not be different in Season 3 either.

According to Showtime, The Affair has been renewed for a third season besides Homeland but the date is yet to be confirmed. Ellie Magazine quoted Sarah Treem saying, “I think the second season is going to be darker in tone, and tighter.

And the third season changes again. I will be sad if we don’t get a third because I don’t think it quite pays off until the third season.” Season 2 of The Affair can be watched online through SHO.

Meanwhile, ever since season 2 of The Affair concluded, fans are really curious about how things turn out in Season 3. Some pivotal scenes were shown in The Affair season 2 and all of them proved to be rather important parts of the series.

The previous episodes of the season happened when the death of Scotty Lockhart, played by Colin Donnell took place. Meanwhile it was revealed that Noah Solloway, played by Dominic West is not the sole reason behind the death of Scotty.

From the looks of it, an accident took place, featuring Noah, Scotty, Alison Lockhart and Helen Solloway, played by Maura Tierney. Noah was not the only one responsible for Scotty’s death.

While driving home from the bar, Scotty was accidentally killed by Noah and Helen. Meanwhile, fans are thinking about Noah’s fate in the upcoming episodes of Season 3.

According to the speculations, the series will continue to build on Helen’s and Noah’s relationship. It will further reveal Helen’s guilt regarding the accident and also how it cursed Noah to be prosecuted due to the mistake.

Joshua Jackson plays Cole Lockhart and he recently gave us an insight regarding the story. He stated, “The discomfort is trying to combine these two stories and figure out where the truth is. That’s the essential mission of the show.

That discomfort we need the audience to feel to go, ‘Well, wait a minute, it can’t be this and this?’ It forces you to be in the position of deciding what feels the most right to you.”

The upcoming season will feature a heavy theme but the episodes coming in this tragic storyline will have some lighter moments as well.