Miranda Kerr Is Living the Life of a Modern Family, Uploads Photos with Beau Evan Spiegel!

E Online reported that Miranda Kerr finds Katy Perry to be a very cool person and finds her to be a very talented singer. The model hasn’t yet gotten around to meeting the new girl in her ex-husband’s life but is very keen on spending time with her. For Miranda, what matters is that Katy Perry is very good with her five-year-old son and that is what matters to her.

Miranda Kerr was a little skeptical about Flynn’s reaction to a new woman in his father’s life, but things have worked out well for everyone. Flynn is happy when he is back from Orlando Bloom’s home and that is what Miranda Kerr is on the lookout for. She doesn’t have any issues with Katy Perry or any other woman whom Orlando Bloom dates as long as they get along well with Flynn.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry seems to be pretty close. The two seem to care for the other and spend every little time they have together. The two travel together and they are affectionate without a care about the world seeing them. The fact that Orlando is so close to his son, Flynn is something that Katy Perry loves about him.

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