Minority Report Season 1: Agatha and Arthur Skeptical About Lara, Blake Tries to Unearth Secrets, FOX Set to Cancel the Show, And More

Variety has reported that Minority Report Season 1 had started with a TRP of 1.1 rating with 3.1 million viewers tuning into the 9 pm slot tow watch the show, however, that dropped to 2 million and lower in the subsequent days.

When Minority Report’s script was prepared, The Hollywood Reporter that said that the script was one of the best that the studio has seen this year and they were very keen on going ahead with it.

However, things started taking a turn for the worse when the series wasn’t getting enough TRP. Minority Report Season 1 is a reboot of series like Limitless that airs on CBS, Heroes Reborn on NBC. The show is a remake of a popular film of the same name starring Tom Cruise.

When Design and Trend asked Television Group Chairman and CEO of Fox Gary Newman why they decided to go with a script that is a rework of similar series aired previously, they said that according to them the familiar plot should have worked as an advantage. However, they didn’t get the kind of reception they had expected and hence decided to call it off immediately.

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