Minority Report Season 1: Agatha and Arthur Skeptical About Lara, Blake Tries to Unearth Secrets, FOX Set to Cancel the Show, And More

Minority Report had created a lot of buzz before it premiered this year. There was a lot of talk that the series is the new big thing with FOX backing it. The show follows three siblings who have the power to predict crimes in the future.

Dash, played by Star Sands is a Precognitive who can foresee the crimes that will take place in the future. Dash’s twin brother Arthur, portrayed by Nick Zano, can tell the names of the criminals that Dash sees, while their sister Agatha played by Laura Regan can see the future.

Minority Report Season 1 episode 4 has Dash and Detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good) try to apprehend a woman who Dash sees taking revenge on those who murdered her sister. The trailer for the upcoming episode shows that Arthur is still unsure about Detective Vega, but Dash tries to convince him that she isn’t their enemy.

Even though Dash isn’t convinced that Lara is on the side of the enemy, Agatha has already seen a vision where she sees Detective Lara Vega responsible for their enslavement in the future and she goes ahead and shares this with Arthur. This explains Arthur’s skepticism towards Detective Lara Vega.

Things are turning out to be pretty interesting since the viewers realize that Detective Lara Vega has feelings for Dash and reveals this to him by going ahead and kissing him in public. Lara was helping Dash nab the criminals that the siblings could see outside of her job and with Dash getting hired as a police analyst, this alliance would now be easier to handle.

Ever since Detective Laura has teamed with Dash, she has been doing exceptionally well in her work and this has got her boss wondering about the reason for her success. Will Blake (Wilmer Valderrama) is going to start keeping an eye out for Lara and might just discover her association with Dash.

With Blake finding out that Lara is teaming up with Dash and employing PreCrime techniques to nab criminals and solve crimes, things might get very nasty. This could eventually lead to the vision that Agatha had seen of the government employees coming and nabbing her and her brothers.

There is a new department that is being opened, intended at keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior. The program is called Hawk-Eye and Lara tries her best and gets him into the force with the help of Akeela (Li Jun Li). While Arthur is skeptical about Lara, Lara is trying to convince Dash that Arthur has a plan that might jeopardize the lives of the siblings and their precognitive abilities.

Even though things have just started to heat up in The Minority Report Season 1, the new show by aired by FOX has hit a rough patch. The season 1 of Minority Report has garnered such low TRP that FOX had to make a cut from the original 13 episode to 10 episode.

The 10th episode of Minority Report Season 1 was expected to be the finale for the premiere season, but rumor has it that it could turn out to be the finale for the whole series. Deadline has reported that FOX ordered the producers to cut down the 13 episode series to 10 episodes since ‘not popular enough for FOX to continue with it.

Rumor, however, has it that there were expected to be only 10 episodes with the three extra episode as backup, in case the show became popular. Since that isn’t happening, the original format was brought back.