GTA 6 Isn’t Arriving Anytime Soon, The Newly Released Trailers and Screenshots Are Pretty Fake, More Details!

A few interesting screenshots were recently shared by YouTuber MrBossFTW and they were taken from the recently leaked gameplay trailer for GTA 6. This is actually a fake gameplay trailer with the Vice City theme and this was shared in MrBossFTW’s latest gameplay video for GTA Online. According to Ross, there have been a lot of speculations suggesting that GTA VI is right around the corner.

This is primarily because it’s been two long years since GTA V was released. However, it has been confirmed that the recent flurry of screenshots from the fake gameplay trailer are indeed unoriginal in nature. Reports indicate that these images were created by an artist is DeviantArt. Sadly, a major part of the entire GTA community presently believes that these images were taken from the immensely-rumored GTA title, Vice City 2.

At the same time, the newly released fake GTA 6 game-engine trailer has been doing the rounds in the internet and reports suggest that this leaked trailer came out of the same source which was earlier responsible for the GTA Mobile Scam and it was later confirmed that Rockstar was not planning to release any such game for the mobile platform.

It was said that this leaked trailer is actually the official GTA 6 game-engine trailer but if you take a close look at this trailer, there’s a lot of things that will prove the trailer is fake.

The screenshots that were showcased by Ross in his video appear rather genuine but in one of them, you can clearly see the Rockstar logo being misspelt as Rocstar. This clearly indicates that this is a fake creation due to such a massive mistake.

Furthermore, Rockstar would never release a gameplay trailer which comes addled with various errors and bugs.  Furthermore, most of these photos look like real-life versions which clearly indicate that these were faked.

In the customised trailer, you can see the video following the GTA Vice City theme and it signs off with the title name and caption while declaring “Coming in 2017”.

The creator of this fake trailer tried to add originality to it by faking a BETA post from the Rockstar Games website according to which, Vice City is back again, on a grand scale while Rockstar presents a few interesting elements and the game engine.

It further asks viewers to check out the many changes that they have been expecting. However, the term ‘you waiting’ was used which is another grammatical error clearly indicating the grossly fake nature of this video. In the end, Ross concluded that this leaked trailer could belong to some other game but it is definitely not GTA.

The open-world genre gaming scene was clearly re-defined by GTA 5 and people are wondering what the franchise has in store for us next. In spite of the rumors, it is clear that GTA 6 won’t be arriving anytime soon, probably not in the next 4 years.

However, Rockstar hasn’t released a single game since 2013 and people are wondering what’s about to come next. There could be a new I.P coming, like L.A Noir while rumors indicate that Rockstar might be working on the now presumed PS4 exclusive, Agent.

Rockstar has managed to offend a lot of people with the content they keep releasing in video games but they are interesting and people (me included) gobble them up like crazy, nonetheless. Rockstar might release Manhunt 3.

Now, this is a very controversial title that is still banned in some locations but it came with a really engaging storyline and stealth mechanics to go along with its grotesquely violent nature.