GTA 6 Isn’t Arriving Anytime Soon, The Newly Released Trailers and Screenshots Are Pretty Fake, More Details!

PS4 and Xbox One should be able to support really exceptional graphics which could make the gory scenes in Manhunt 3, much gorier. In the meantime, people would simply love Max Payne 4.

Max Payne 3 was released quite some time back and people are waiting for a sequel , featuring an engaging narrative, a superb script, great acting and don’t forget bullet-time gameplay.

Rockstar has released some strange games in the past and one of them is undoubtedly, Bully. Bully is an excellent game which clearly shows how Rockstar can blend Western Game Design with that of Japan. If Rockstar decides to release Bully 2 in 2016, it will be yet another strange approach but nonetheless, an engaging and exciting one.

There are some things which should definitely be considered about GTA 6. The next title could feature an old map, like London or Miami but Rockstar could also decide to include a completely new map like that of Atlanta, Scotland or Washington.

GTA 6 should also include season passes like Call of Duty does but we should be able to expect a lot of new stuff in their DLCs like new cars and more single player missions among others.