Miley Cyrus: Patches Up with Liam Hemsworth, Rumors About Them Being Engaged!

Liam Hemsworth reportedly never met anyone quite like Miley Cyrus and vice versa. Even though the two of them dated each other, they never quite shared what they had with another. This feeling made them want to come back.

Liam Hemsworth couldn’t accept the fact that Miley Cyrus was changing her image completely, but now he realizes that she was experimenting with her image and identity and he is ready to give her the time that she requires.

It is reported that Miley Cyrus is very keen on giving up her wild child image and settle down. She is ready to become Mrs. Hemsworth and is planning to have a grand wedding. It has also been mentioned that Miley Cyrus isn’t orthodox at all and she was the one who proposed to Liam Hemsworth this time.

Liam is still hung up on Miley and he is going to seal the deal when Miley wants it. However, his friends are not very sure about Miley and seem to be warning him against making a hasty decision.

The two haven’t come out to make any announcement about the supposed engagement and link-up. Fans were hoping that the two would make it official on the occasion of Liam’s birthday, but fans were disappointed to see that that didn’t happen.

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