Miley Cyrus Fuels Rumor Of Engagement With Liam Hemsworth With Instagram Post, Hemsworth Mentions Her On Chat Show!

Miley Cyrus treated her fans to two adorable throwbacks Thursday photos on Instagram. She uploaded a photo with her mother Tish Cyrus and brother Braison Cyrus. The three appears to be standing at the venue of a hockey game since they have the New Jersey Devils’ team jersey right behind them.

The second photo that Miley Cyrus shared reminds every one of the best things about being a nine-year-old kid. Miley Cyrus looks adorable in the photo, with black and white cheerleader ribbons on her hair with two ponytails. Miley Cyrus has stuck out her tongue and rolled back her eyes for the photo while her elder sister, Brandi tries to hand over a piece of paper to the camera person.

Miley Cyrus has always been one for gender fluidity and gender equality, and it is no shocker that she was one of the very few people who got to sample the first gender fluid lipsticks that have been developed by Tyme Cosmetics. Miley Cyrus shared the handwritten note that came with the special package while also showing off the set of lipsticks as she balanced them on her knees.

The gender fluid lipsticks were created to generate awareness and money for the I WORE Lipstick fund, and Miley Cyrus extended her heartfelt thanks by supporting the movement.

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