Gran Turismo Sport Set To Be Launched In November, Players Can Expect 140 Models Of Cars And Spectacular Tracks!

Gran Turismo is going to come soon out with their new game, Gran Turismo Sport. The game is going to be available on the PlayStation, and there is a lot of buzz surrounding its graphics and visuals. There are reports claiming that Polyphony Digital has been working on the game for a long time, and they have made sure that it is better than the Gran Turismo 6.

Gran Turismo Sport is going to be launched around November, and it is going to be available only on Sony PlayStation 4. The game is expected to have three modes, the Campaign, the Arcade Mode and the Sports Mode. The players will also get to enjoy an online and an offline option while playing.

While Polygon Digital has made it very clear that the game is going to have updates to give it more content, the Gran Turismo Sport will not have dynamic weather and neither will it have day-night races. However, the players will be able to fill in the time of the day before they start the race.

Jalopnik has reported that Gran Turismo is going to have 140 cars that the players can choose from, and these will include real models as well as models that have been solely created for the game. There is also going to be miles of dirt and paved tracks for the players to race on, and they will have the added benefit of enjoying a realistic racing game that will give them the sensation of high speed.

Kazunori Yamauchi, the designer of Gran Turismo, refused to answer when he was asked which part of the game was his favorite. He did answer after a lot of deliberation, but the feature wasn’t part of the actual game. Yamauchi said that he loved the Scapes section of the game.

This is a photo mode that allows the players to pick up a car and place it in any location in the world. A photo that is rendered from an actual location will be made available to the player with his chosen car sitting pretty in it. The photos are very realistic, and the detailing is brilliant.

There are reports that the game is going to be launched in November, but then there are no official announcements on those lines from Polyphony Digital. Tech experts have stated that it looks like the company will be able to deliver within the said time. If Polyphony Digital can release Gran Turismo Sport by November, then they will benefit from the shopping spree before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The fans of Gran Turismo has been waiting for a long time for Polyphony Digital to come up with a new game. It was earlier felt that Gran Turismo Sport is the Gran Turismo 7 that the players have been waiting for, but that is not so. Yamauchi has made it very clear that the game in question isn’t the Gran Turismo 7.

The players who have watched the gameplay of Gran Turismo Sport are claiming that the game is the replica of Gran Turismo 6 and can better be known as Gran Turismo 6.5 However, there are very few who are complaining. It has been a long wait for a new game from Gran Turismo, and the fans are happy that they have something to look forward to before Polyphony Digital decides to come out with Gran Turismo 7.