Gran Turismo Sport Set To Be Launched In November, Players Can Expect 140 Models Of Cars And Spectacular Tracks!

Now that the Gran Turismo Sport is out, the developers have enough time to work on the Gran Turismo 7 and try and release it by next year. There are claims that the release of Gran Turismo 7 in the coming year doesn’t look like a possibility.

Since Gran Turismo Sport is being believed to be an improvement in the previous game, there is little chance of the developers coming up with something new in the Gran Turismo 7.

This is going to hit Gran Turismo 7 since a majority of the players will not go for it as there isn’t going to be much difference in Gran Turismo Sport and Gran Turismo 7.

There is something very interesting that Polyphony Digital has done in Gran Turismo Sport. The multiplayer online games usually end up with the players hurling abusive languages at each other in the group chat. The new game is going to have FIA-sanctioned racing, which will include points for behaving in a good manner and maintaining etiquette while playing.

This strategy used in Gran Turismo will keep the players happy since the game is going to be an extensive one with a variety of cars and tracks and at the same time ensuring that there is points for players who race while maintaining decorum so that the group chat is clean and devoid of foul languages.

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