Mila Kunis Believes in Date Night without Baby Talk, Matthew Perry Finds Her Cute, And More

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are active members of their community and are part of the neighbourhood watch forum.

Kunis said that she loves being a stay-at-home mom. Being a mother has made her more civic. She now wants to compost and wants an eco-friendly car. She wants to do everything that will make the world better for Wyatt.

She feels that Ashton Kutcher is a great father, and the two are already in talks for a second baby. When asked if the two have secretly married, Kunis answered rather coyly, which might be a hint for an affirmative answer!

Mila Kunis rose to fame with The 70s Show, where she starred along with her current beau Ashton Kutcher. She has since then won a lot of fans with her role in Black Swan and Friends with Benefits.

Mila Kunis has among her fans, television actor Matthew Perry. Perry revealed that he is currently fixated on Kunis. Perry, when asked which Hollywood woman he would want to date, he was quick to mention Mila’s name.

Perry said that he found Mila Kunis very cute and didn’t mind that she was not available. He said that cute girls like Mila made it easy for a man to change and become more interesting.