Luke Hemmings Bromance Ashton While Skirting Rumors about Dating J-Law!

There was never any doubt that 5 Seconds of Summer members are close to each other. They have always addressed their fellow band members as brothers, but Luke Hemmings’ bromance with fellow band mate, drummer, Ashton Irwin, might be making Calum Hood and Michael Clifford, a little jealous.

20-year-old Ashton took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with Luke Hemmings. The two looked uncannily similar with their blonde mop of hair. While Ashton sported a ripped Hendrix singlet, Luke was dressed in black denim and jacket and had a coffee cup in his head.

Fans on Instagram couldn’t stop gushing about how similar the two looked, and one fan even quipped in with how the two of them looked like twins.

Luke Hemmings has said in a recent interview with Top of the Pop magazine that while on tour, he loves to roam around without his clothes in the bus. He said that within half an hour of getting on the bus and being introduced to the driver, he was spotted naked by him. Luke was running up and down the length of the bus without his clothes on, and the driver saw him. The singer thought that it was funny but weird.

5SOS’s Luke Hemmings has millions of girls swooning over him, but he is swooning for one girl- Jennifer Lawrence. The singer came out with how he adored the actress and even went on to say that he would love for the world to know that the two are dating.

Luke knows that he can never date J-Law in real life, but he wouldn’t mind starting a rumor about the same. With a lot of speculations being made about who Luke Hemmings is dating, this is one rumor we know fans would love to be real.

5SOS are currently based in Los Angeles, California where the band is working on their next album. The boys had wanted to take a break and party last Saturday, but their plans were crushed by the police.