Mila Kunis Believes in Date Night without Baby Talk, Matthew Perry Finds Her Cute, And More

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been in a successful relationship for years and now have a six months year old baby. With their career and the baby coming their way, the two have still kept the fire alive.

The Friends with Benefits actress says that the first rule she follows while out on a date with beau Ashton Kutcher is not to discuss anything about their daughter. The actress believes that the time they are out is theirs, and they need to focus on themselves and their feelings and reconnect as a couple.

The couple saw the birth of their daughter, Wyatt in October, 2014 and with the new addition to the family, responsibilities have gone up and the Mila Kunis believes that that she and Ashton Kutcher still want to keep their lives as romantic as when they first started out.

They do not want to end up couples who let their lives take a toll on the romance of the relationship and get lost in the currents of life and move apart eventually. Mila Kunis and Kutcher make it a time to spend quality time alone, every week to keep the charm of their relationship intact.

Mila Kunis has admitted that keeping their daughter out of their conversation while out on a date is difficult because once you become parents it’s difficult to turn off that switch, but they try.

The couple was advised when she had got pregnant and even after the baby is born, they should take time out for themselves and they have been very particular about it. Mila Kunis’ parents stay close by and help the young people in stealing a few hours away from their baby girl.

While appearing on The Late Late Show by James Corden, Mila Kunis has revealed that the baby is always on her mind. She thinks about it even in the most intimate moments. She says that she loved being a mother and has changed her outlook towards life completely.