Microsoft’s Xbox Two: Likely to Hit the Market Earlier, Likely to Support 4K Resolution, AMD APU to Make the Device 5 Times Faster!

According to a popular website, Microsoft can opt to use AMD components in the Xbox Two which will give it a performance boost. A 5 times better operating processing unit compared to the processing units of the current gen-consoles might be used by both Microsoft and Sony for their future consoles.

It is being speculated that the performance boost that the companies will bring about in their consoles using AMD APUs, will be for the purpose of making the consoles Virtual Reality compatible, an aspect which is expected to become a common thing by the time the next-gen consoles are finally released.

The new consoles will reportedly come with 4K resolution support which is essential for meeting the high-end requirements that Virtual Reality will need to be able to run on the devices.  A large number of 4K TVs are already available in the market and the 4K resolution graphics support seems like the next logical step for the gaming world.

Another advantage of resorting to AMD would be the fact that it comes with the support for backward compatibility. Backward compatibility will let players run games released for older consoles in the advanced next-gen future consoles.

Stay tuned for more update on Microsoft’s Xbox Two.