Jennifer Lawrence’s Family and Friends Approve Her Relationship with Liam Hemsworth, Liam Battles Aliens in the New Independence Day Trailer!

From the looks of it, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are secretly communicating their undying love with the help of Instagram these days. Even if this isn’t true, fans of this couple are currently choosing to believe such a scenario and they can’t exactly be blamed.

This is primarily because Liam wore a mutant ninja turtle onesie in his Ice Bucket Challenge video and last month, Miley was seen wearing exactly that.

As a result, fans are wondering whether Miley is trying to send Liam a message through this cute gesture. At the same time, Liam was helped by Miley with adopting a dog and this is a pretty major deal for all those dog lovers out there.

Meanwhile, one of the latest cryptic Instagram posts from Miley shows a screenshot of a text that displays the message, “I love you”. As a result, fans are freaking out at the moment since they think of this as a message of love from Liam.

Moreover, the text bubble around this message is grey and this clearly means that it was sent to Miley by someone else. As a result, fans have already decided that this text was from Liam and they are currently tagging him in comments in order to draw his attention.

Meanwhile, this message could simply be from a friend or a family member or Miley just decided to share a pic of a message on someone else’s phone. Sadly, all of this doesn’t sound too romantic or thrilling.

Moreover, there’s also a question of why Miley would decide to hide the identity of the sender. Meanwhile, the world is currently hoping that cryptic messages like these keep coming their way. It simply keeps the torch of hope burning for fans of Liam and Miley.

Meanwhile, in the new trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence, Liam Hemsworth was seen fighting aliens and it was released on Sunday, 13th December. The 25-year old Australian hunk will star alongside Jeff Goldblum in the hit 1996 movie’s highly anticipated sequel. The original movie starred Vivica A. Fox and Will Smith.

Goldblum plays the role of David Levinson who has been helping the world make use of the alien technology ever since the first film so that Earth can prepare for a second attack. According to the tagline, they always knew that the aliens would come back but there’s nothing that can prepare them for the arrival.

In the meantime, Hemsworth looks pretty dashing while battling the aliens in the trailer. Roland Emmerich, the director of this film, announced back in March that Hemsworth and Goldblum would be starring in this film.

The cast will also include Joey King and Jessie Usher, who can be seen in TV shows like Mentalist and Criminal Minds. The original film in the Independence Day franchise grossed a whopping $817 million and featured various actors like Goldblum, Smith, Bill Pullman, Mary McDonnell, Vivica A. Fox, and Randy Quaid.

In other news, life becomes pretty easy when your family supports your love life and this is exactly what happened with X-Men and Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence. Apparently, her decision to be with Liam Hemsworth has been supported by friends and family members. Judging from the reports, the couple is ready to take their relationship to a whole new level.

According to various sources, the Jennifer Lawrence has always been quite close to her co-actor in the sets of Hunger Games. They have developed a bond between each other which is pretty rock solid and moreover, they always turn to each other whenever they need suggestions. Lawrence’s family didn’t approve of her earlier relationship with Chris Martin.