Microsoft’s Xbox Two: Likely to Hit the Market Earlier, Likely to Support 4K Resolution, AMD APU to Make the Device 5 Times Faster!

Rumors are doing rounds on the internet that Microsoft is currently working on developing a brand new gaming console of the Xbox series. The new console is being called Xbox Two.

The rumors were given a credible form by Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox when he recently stated in an interview that considering the large amount of demand for gaming consoles, Microsoft is currently planning on adding another console to the Xbox series.

Spencer pointed out that that the Xbox consoles attract a lot of customers for the company and the developers are focused on keeping the people connected to Xbox consoles with constant innovation.

Thus it can be safely stated that we can expect to see another gaming console from Microsoft in the near future. He further stated that with the Xbox Two, the company will try to meet their customers’ expectations in every way.

He also said that there is a possibility that the Xbox consoles might be transformed into streaming devices from the tradition disc-based consoles that they are at the moment. The company is always on the lookout to find out new ways and methods to bring on new offerings to the table for customers and everyone at the company is 100 percent committed towards that goal.

Streaming games form cloud servers of Microsoft Azure might not be the only way which will allow games to be played on the Xbox Two. According to certain rumors the Xbox Two might allow for both downloading and streaming of games on it.

The current system allows for downloading and playing of games simultaneously. The next-gen console will initially release with physical discs, however the focus will gradually shift towards digital downloads and streaming games instead of physical discs in the future.

Experts believe that Microsoft might not actually release another iteration of Xbox console as the Xbox One is still lagging behind in terms of units sold when compared to the PlayStation 4.

Sony’s PlayStation consoles are the biggest rivals of Microsoft’s Xbox series and there has been a constant competition between these two gaming consoles. Apparently the PlayStation is winning the duel at the moment as the PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One by 20 million units as of yet.

Most people believe that Sony will continue to keep this dominance over Microsoft in the gaming world,throughout the current generation of consoles. The competition is heating up in the gaming world and it is being believed that technology that the SteamBox features are going to play a significant role in the future of gaming.

High-end PCs are also set to pose a serious threat to gaming consoles and with the evolution mobile technology, running of high-end titles on smartphones are also becoming a common aspect at the moment.

Certain experts are of the opinion that keeping all these factors in mind, Microsoft might decide to pull out of the video games market for good. However, fans of the Xbox series are not losing hope and the recent comments from Phil Spencer are keeping their hopes alive regarding another Xbox console hitting the market in future.

Spencer did not divulge any specific details regarding the possible release date for the Xbox Two but fans are speculating that both Microsoft and Sony will release their next generation consoles at an earlier date compared to the previous consoles. The problem of technology gap that affects both the PS4 and the Xbox One will reportedly be solved by an early release of the next-gen consoles.

The normal life-span of gaming consoles generally fall anywhere between five and seven years. This rule is likely to be broken by both Microsoft and Sony if they indeed decide to release the new consoles at an earlier date.