Microsoft Xiaoice: Makes A Successful Live Television Debut, Becomes First AI to Make Weather Forecasts On Live TV, And More

However, it should be noted that an AI can in no way fully replace human anchors at the current moment and they are expected to work in harmony with each other, supplementing each other in the process.

Dr.Yongdong Wang, the creator of Xiaoice and also the Managing Director of Microsoft Applications & Services Group East Asia recently stated that he would like to see Xiaoice take up more social jobs in the near future. He also added that Xiaoice will bring more bliss into human lives.

Mr. Jiongming Song, the Director of Shanghai Media Group (SMG) TV News Centre himself appointed Xiaoice as a trainee anchor for Dragon TV at the ceremony that took place after the live weather forecast of the AI.

The 3rd Generation Launch Conference of Xiaoice which took place earlier this year in August was selected as the platform by SMG TV News Centre and Microsoft to announce their intention to work in collaboration in the future.

The companies worked in co-operation for a period of four months on Xiaoice, polishing it to perfection. The teams working on Xiaoice reportedly had to overcome three technological challenges that came in their way before they could finally make the AI eligible for a public introduction.

Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft Xiaoice.