Microsoft Xiaoice: Makes A Successful Live Television Debut, Becomes First AI to Make Weather Forecasts On Live TV, And More

Xiaoice is an advanced natural chat-bot language developed by Microsoft. Xiaoice can be accessed by users on various platforms that include Weibdo, and Users can chat with this bot using texts. The Xiaoice acquires a certain amount of required information about the user and it then carries on a natural language conversation with him or her.

The Chinese internet has been scanned for human conversations by Microsoft and the acquired information has been incorporated into the Xiaoice which gives it a sense of intelligence and personality.

However, some people are skeptical about using this intelligent chat-bot as it acquires and stores a huge amount of personal information about the user. Thus there remains a question of the security and privacy of the user as there is a possibility that the information collected by the Xiaoice might become public by means of any leaks.

Xiaoice is recently making the headlines for doing news reports on Chinese TV. The AI developed by Microsoft is being looked at as an alternative to other similar programs like Microsoft’s own Cortana and Siri which has been developed by Apple.

Xiaoice keeps a track of messages on social media and other message boards to get a hang of the ways in which a person carries out a conversation in real life. Apparently, this little chat-bot has become immensely popular in China with the latest stats showing 40 million users of Xiaoice.

Xiaoice has been recently adopted by Dragon TV as a trainee anchor. It currently does the weather forecast on the show and various reportsstate that its performance as a news anchor is commendable.

Among all the AI systems currently in the market, Xiaoice has been rated the most human-like with an impressive score of 4.32 out of 5 on linguistic naturalness. An average human being scores a 4.76 out of 5 on the same test.

The Xiaoice made its debut on live television in the previous week when it engaged in a conversation with a human show host. Later on in the show, it wowed everyone present by making an impressive weather report using the data it had collected from Microsoft’s Smart Cloud and Big Data AI Technologies.

The process of collection of data and their analysis to form a proper report is carried out by the AI infront of the live audience while it is doing its weather forecast. Microsoft has incorporated special emotional computing technologies in the AI which enables it to make certain structured comments while doing its broadcast. Xiaoice keeps a track of both IQ and EQ and makes various human-like comments while making the weather forecast.

For those new to the concept of EQ, EQ stands for Emotional Quotient just like IQ which means Intelligent Quotient. EQ is the emotional intelligence of Xiaoice which enables the AI to behave in a more human-like manner.

Xiaoice can be used over a variety of platforms and one of them is Line where it is known as Rinna. People can engage in conversations with Rinna on Line and the it makes use of its artificial as well as emotional intelligence to reply in the most human possible way for an AI.

With the AI already making its way to Morning News’ roster as a trainee anchor, questions are being raised whether the AI will result in lossof jobs of the current anchors.

With the advancement of technology over the years, numerous machines have been seen taking up jobs that were previously done by human beings. Speculations are hot whether Xiaoice will walk in the same path and ultimately end up as a cause of job-loss for a lot of humans.