Apple Watch 2: Major Improvements Expected Over First-Generation Device, Final Price Speculated, And More

The first-generation Apple Watch was one of the best smartwatches of the year. Hence, it is not surprising when we see the amount of excitement surrounding the upcoming Apple Watch 2. Experts believe that Apple will address some of the major issues plaguing the first-generation smartwatch, which should come as an added bonus for the Apple loyalists.

Some of the major downsides to the Apple Watch was its dependence on the iPhone, size and processing power. Should Apple address these issues, we could expect the Apple Watch 2 to be thinner and quicker.

Even though it is quite too early to comment on the tech-specs of the Apple Watch 2, since the Cupertino-based tech giant is yet to come out with any confirmations, the word in the market suggests that the upcoming smartwatch features overall improvements.

Even though Apple revealed the first-generation Watch just a few months ago, it looks like the company is gearing up to launch the second-generation device this March. This is hardly surprising considering the amount of competitors in the market, and the list is constantly expanding.

Apple has an event lined up for March, where the company is expected to announced their upcoming devices for the coming year, including the iPhone 6C and the iPhone 7, apart from the iPad Air. This platform is the perfect place to announce the Apple Watch 2, considering the amount of media exposure and attention that the event will command.

When Apple launched their Watch OS2 earlier in 2015, they gave out a few hints as to what the Apple Watch 2 would look and feel like. Some of the initial findings state that Apple plans on including a Time Travel function along with more clock faces, allowing the customers to choose from the various designs on offer.

WatchOS2 is also likely to make the device more independent from the iPhone. The first-generation Apple Watch needs to be paired with the iPhone for every basic function, ranging from broadcasting the date and weather to location tracking and Apple Pay.

It would be really nice if the Apple Watch 2 can perform the same actions over Wi-Fi, since keeping the device paired at all times is a major downside to the first-generation watch. Standalone smartwatches such as the Samsung Gear S are the things of the future and even though Apple might not consider launching such a device, considering the ‘safety’ aspect of things, some freedom would most definitely be appreciated.

In terms of design, the Apple Watch 2 is unlikely to sport any major changes apart from the thickness,although, it is rumored that the device could feature additional IP67 rating, from the current-generation IPX7 rating, making the smartwatch entirely weatherproof, which is a necessity considering that the device needs to brave all weather conditions effortlessly.

The Apple Watch currently offers waterproofing till depths of about 1 meter,which is appreciated but has space for improvement. The Apple Watch 2 is, hence, likely to be better suited for harsher outdoor activities.

The Apple Watch needs to be charged daily with the users completing their day with close to 30-40% battery left on their device. Surprisingly enough, Apple is rumored to be using the same battery on the second-generation watch, meaning that they want their customers to charge the device daily.