Apple Watch 2: Major Improvements Expected Over First-Generation Device, Final Price Speculated, And More

Since Apple is likely to offer a range of customizable features to the clients,the Apple Watch 2 is expected to sport a varied price tag. Also, the company wants to bridge the gap between the base model,which is priced at £949 and the range-topping £9,500 rose-gold Apple Watch, which should also be a factor while deciding on the final pricing of the product.

However, considering the kind of features the first-generation Apple Watch sported and the type of materials that are expected to be offered to the Apple Watch 2, we expect the pricing to fit somewhere between the price spectrum stated above.

Additional information on this can only be provided as and when Apple deems fit to reveal the details. Readers are requested to hold on to their horses or state their speculated prices that the device could sport.

The competition in the smartwatch industry is high with additional players entering the segment with their own level of refinement and features. The latest to hit the market is Microsoft’s band 2, which performs every function that the Apple Watch was capable of while sporting a price tag of £249. Interesting proposition? More on that in our upcoming article.

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