Microsoft Will Support Cross-Platform Gameplay with Final Fantasy 14, VR Experience Is the Biggest Aspect of the Upcoming Final Fantasy 15!

The player then teamed up with Noctis, Ignis and Gladiolus to beat Behemoth, one of Final Fantasy 15’s bosses. The best thing about it is that the VR segment will be added as a free DLC, shortly after the original game is released. Keep in mind that PlayStation VR headset will be available from 13th October 2016. Hence, PlayStation players will need to wait a few more days before experiencing that part.

However, playing the VR experience is quite simple. You don’t need to move around a lot. You can remain seated and all you need are the two buttons on the PS Move controller. One of them will let you wrap around the level while the other will be used to trigger your weapon. You can point at where you wish to go or the place you want to shoot.

After that, simply push the correct button. Prompto’s demo was in VR but it didn’t really feel like Final Fantasy at all. There are loads of things that fans would prefer seeing in VR and a generic shooter is probably not in the list. The game takes place in a beautiful and expansive world and an exploratory feature would have been much better.

In other news, Naoki Yoshida said that Final Fantasy XIV’s new Deep Dungeon will be unlike anything seen on this popular MMORPG. The Deep Dungeon will use its own progression system instead of using standard levels. Keep in mind that your character needs to be Level 17 or higher in order to enter.

Stay tuned for more updates on Final Fantasy!