Microsoft Will Support Cross-Platform Gameplay with Final Fantasy 14, VR Experience Is the Biggest Aspect of the Upcoming Final Fantasy 15!

Final Fantasy 14:  A Realm Reborn was launched on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 along with Microsoft Windows. People wondered why the game wasn’t released on the Xbox One. The creators declared that Microsoft’s Xbox console didn’t permit cross-platform gameplay which necessarily means that players on one platform can play with players on other platforms and that too on the same servers.

However, this particular issue seems to have been changed. Microsoft stressed on the possibility of players enjoying a variety of games on both Windows and Xbox One, in E3. The company also declared that gamers can take part in multiplayer servers on these platforms including any other willing platforms.

According to Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy 14 director, this could change things for Final Fantasy 14. All that is needed is a proper working out of negotiations between Microsoft and Sony. Yoshida also told Polygon that the Final Fantasy 14 team was approached by Microsoft in order to talk about the cross-platform opportunity.

Yoshida said that after reviewing Microsoft’s regulations, they realized that the company may not have the required experience or understanding about running an MMORPG as an online game. Therefore, the Final Fantasy 14 team told Microsoft that they would like to have some of the regulations waived.

They are currently having discussions while waiting on Microsoft’s response regarding this matter. In the future, Final Fantasy 14 might expand to a new console but fans are wondering whether it will abandon an older-generation console. Players are wondering whether Square Enix will continue to support PlayStation 3.

It is common understanding that the older generation hardware is probably holding back any future expansions packs to be released for this title. Yoshida said that at the moment, they will keep supporting the PlayStation 3 with 3x series of patches.

At this point, it is all they can reveal. If something changes, they will definitely update all players about it. The first expansion pack of Final Fantasy, Heavensward, was released in 2015. Patch 3.3, named Revenge of the Horde was released last week.

In the meantime, Final Fantasy 15 is certainly one of the highest anticipated games of this year. It was first announced back in 2006 and gamers have waited 10 long years for it to be revealed, announced or released.

The wait is finally over and this game is scheduled to release this September. A lot of exciting features about the game was revealed during E3. For instance, the upcoming game will have a lot of amazing gameplay and it will make it worth the long wait. On top of that, the upcoming Final Fantasy installment will include a VR option.

VR is currently the bomb and it will ensure the game’s longevity. Hajime Tabata, the Final Fantasy 15 director, told GameSpot that gamers can experience 200 hours of gameplay. The game will also include many side quests along with additional things still under development. The most exciting feature of the game is that it is VR capable.

IGN reported that the Final Fantasy VR experience which was showcased in E3 is the closest gamers will get to experience the world in Final Fantasy. Gamers, who tried the VR experience, reported that they assumed control of Prompto, one of the characters in this game.