Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Release on the Cards, Microsoft Planning To Increase Surface Pro Certified Distributors, And More

Engadget further revealed that Microsoft is inviting any partner distributor to take part in their Microsoft Surface Pro Distribution Program. These distributors can join as long as they meet the qualifications based on the volume they have sold. According to Neowin, Microsoft Surface Pro received mixed reviews ever since it was launched.

However, Surface Pro 3 started receiving positive reviews and as a result people are now more optimistic about Surface Pro 4. Microsoft has currently renewed their efforts in Microsoft Surface Pro sales, in order to increase the final figures before the soon-to-release Windows 10. Rumors suggest that most Surface devices will be receiving this update.

Meanwhile, WinBeta reported that Microsoft along with a few high-profile-tech-companies ordered a large number of 256GB SSDs which use Samsung’s NVME Technology. They can transfer data at 2GB/s which is three times faster than the Surface Pro 3.

Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft Surface Pro 4!