Hart of Dixie: Jaime King Talks about Body-Bashing, Thanks Taylor for Being her Best Friend!

The popular series Hart of Dixie was cancelled because lead actress Rachel Bilson decided to take a maternity leave. Bilson who was expecting her first children with beau Hayden Christensen wanted to be a stay at home hands on mother and decided to quit the show.

With the lead actress out of the picture, the network bosses saw no reason in continuing the show and they cancelled Hart of Dixie Season 5. With the series cancelled, there were rumors that the network had cancelled it because of low TRP but Hart of Dixie actress Jaime King and also Rachel Bilson had made it very clear and TRP played no role in the series getting cancelled.

Fans were a little disappointed and even said that Rachel Bilson seems happy with the show being shelved, but Jaime King came out to support her and said that Bilson is going to be a first time mother and if she wants to take a maternity leave to take care of her baby then no one has a right to say anything.

Jaime King did add that the fact that show was over is a little sad, but there is no scope of the series continuing without the lead. She is hopeful that the network might think of a spin off with the other characters after seeing the kind of popularity that Hart of Dixie enjoyed.

With Rachel Bilson joining Instagram and uploading photographs of the clothes and accessories she is using to dress up her baby Briar Rose, it has been reported that Jaime King is also expecting her second child. The Hart of Dixie actress recently attended her baby shower that was arranged by her best friend Taylor Swift.

Jaime King is receiving a lot of criticisms from mothers all over because she is too thin even when she is pregnant. She is used to this by now because she had heard the same thing in her last pregnancy.

She has no issues with her body and feels that she is taking enough nutrition for the baby and herself. She feels that it is time that this body-shamming stops. Everyone has a different body type and as long as you are taking care of yourself and are doing everything you can to make sure that your baby is healthy, it is enough.

The Hart of Dixie star spoke to the American Baby magazine via E! Online and said that everyone has been asking her to have a sandwich because of her thin frame. She said this is the problem faced by all the moms to be in her industry. They are either too thin or too fat for the public and have to face criticisms for that.

Jaime King told in the interview that pregnancy is all about celebrating life and sensuality and it is one of the best things that can happen to a woman, so women should embrace their body and be confident and not let stray comments affect them.

Jaime and Kyle Newman, her husband, already have a one year old son James. The family is thrilled with the pregnancy and the Hart of Dixie star even shared a photo of her son holding a sign stating that he is going to be a big brother soon.

Jaime King had announced that her close friend Taylor Swift will be becoming the Godmother of her second child and a very excited Taylor Swift had shared the news of the social media.