Microsoft Fetch: Microsoft Launches New App Which Identifies Breeds of Dogs from Their Photos, App Identifies Kim Kardashian as A Poodle!

The Fetch app is quite easy to use. The user has to let the app take a look at the photo of the dog and then it automatically scans it and comes up with its breed. The app also provides a few details about the species of the dog along with the name of the breed.

If in case the user shows something to it other than a dog, the app comes up with a “No dogs found!” result. Sometimes it even guesses the object in the picture and tells what it is.

Users can have a lot of fun with a special mode of the app which guesses what breed of dog a person shares the most resemblances too.In this case

In this case, the app provides a few characteristics of the species alongside the name of the breed. This could be quite a hilarious way to kill time, especially among friends.

A renowned website reports that an image of Hillary Clinton has been identified as the West Highland White Terrier dog breed by the app. Another popular celebrity, Kim Kardashian has been pegged as a poodle by Fetch!

Stay tuned for more update on Microsoft Fetch.