Apple iPhone 5SE: Likely to Be Unveiled in March, Apple Might Introduce a Bright Pink Colored Variant of the Device!

Rumors regarding a 4 inch iPhone have been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time. This upcoming 4 inch iPhone from the house of Apple will likely be called iPhone 5SE or iPhone 6C.

Apple had entered the league of larger smartphones when it launched the iPhone 6 lineup in 2015. However, it looks like not everybody is a fan of larger iPhones and thus Apple has decided to bring back the original 4-inch size with the upcoming iPhone 5SE.

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gives confirmation to the fact that there indeed will be a 4 inch iPhone in Apple’s 2016 lineup. Kuo has been known to make fairly accurate predictions regarding Apple and thus his words cannot be blown away at the moment.

He further added that Apple will begin mass production of the device early this year and chances are that it will be revealed in a March event. Two more devices from the Apple stable will be unveiled in the March event alongside the iPhone 5SE and these are the Apple Watch 2 and the iPad Air 3.

Various rumors were suggesting that the device might be called iPhone 7C or iPhone 7 Mini. However, it should be noted that the iPhone 7 lineup will not be launched by Apple before the month of September.

Thus it is highly unlikely that the upcoming 4-inch model will have any connection to it regarding its name or any other aspects. iPhone 5SE seems to be the most likely name for the device at the current moment.

In a recent survey it was revealed that 32.22 percent of iPhone users are still using 4-inch older models of the iPhone. This further emphasizes the fact that some people are more comfortable with the 4-inch model over the larger iPhone 6 lineup model.

However, iPhone users who are using older versions of the device cannot get access to modern features like the Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a payment feature that has been developed by Apple.

It uses the NFC technology to allow for wireless payments. This feature was introduced by Apple with the iPhone 6 lineup and has recently become quite popular among users.

People who prefer the 4-inch models of iPhones and want to access this new Apple Pay feature will likely be motivated to upgrade to the upcoming iPhone 5SE as Apple will include this feature in it. Apparently, Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5SE as a replacement to the existent iPhone 5S.

As for the technical aspects of the device, it will likely come with a powerful A8 processor which will be a significant improvement over the iPhone 5S.

The A8 processor is the one that is used in the iPhone 6 lineup. Rumors have it that Apple might even build the latest A9 processor in the device which is definitely more powerful than the A8.

The inclusion of the A9 processor in the iPhone 5SE will make sure that the device doesn’t look too outdated when compared to another upcoming iPhone, iPhone 7 which will come with the A10 processor. Siri, Apple’s personal assistant will be built-into the device and it will come in different variants ranging from 16GB memory space to 64GB.

Its processor will be combined with 2GB of RAM and various reports state that will have an aluminum outer body. It will be thinner compared to the already existing 4-inch iPhone models in the market.

It will also include the Touch ID technology with a fingerprint sensor. However, the 3D Touch feature which is found in the iPhone 6 models will not be present in the iPhone 5SE.

Previous reports suggested that the upcoming device might come in various colors that include Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. However, it is being rumored that Apple might introduce a hot pink color with the upcoming 4-inch iPhone.