Michelle Obama Throws Birthday Bash For Barack Obama, Top Celebrities, Artists And Politicians Invited

All Hip Hop reported that the White House had banned social media for the event, but the majority of the celebrities were too excited not to share it on social media, and it can be seen that Twitter and Instagram are full of photos from the birthday bash for Barack Obama.

With top political delegates including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Nancy Pelosi present at the event, the details about the party were kept well under wrap. The party was only meant for private guests and hence the media was kept out of the event.

Vice President Jo Biden and Barack Obama are good friends, and Biden decided to mark the 55th birthday of his close friend by making a splash on social media. The two had started the presidential race in 2007, and they are still looking after each other.

Biden shared an image of two friendship bands with their names on it and called Obama his brother and best friend forever in one of the cutest birthday messages. The netizens couldn’t stop talking about how adorable Joe Biden’s message for Barack Obama’s 55th birthday was.

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