Google’s New Password Standard Is Being Worked Out In Collaboration With Dashlane, Set To Eliminate Passwords, Functional Across Different Operating Systems

Google’s new password standard is going to help those who have a million passwords and have a hard time keeping track of them. Several tools help users keep all their passwords secure.

Google has come out to make life easier for those with a large number of passwords and is working with Dashlane on this. Google and Dashlane are working to create a new API for password management and it is going to be called Open YOLO, which reads You Only Login Once.

The API that Google and Dashlane are working on are open source, which will force password management apps to use the standard. Dashlane’s app will be the first one to take advantage, but it is going to get involved with other password management apps that are interested in tying up with Google’s new password standard.

The Open YOLO is going to work in the same way as Google’s own Smart Lock. The user will have to sign in to whatever password manager they have and they will be signed into the different apps on their device without entering their password on numerous occasions.

Dashlane is the leader when it comes to online identity and password management, and Google is surely going to come up with something interesting in their new password standard. Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit said that the initiative is an important one for the industry and is going to be a significant step in the security set up.

Google’s new password standard is going to make sure that the initiative with Dashlane is going to increase user security. The initiative is going to help them master open source security projects.

Google has decided to collaborate with Dashlane for their new password standard since Dashlane has become the first password manager that has adopted the standard of the FIDO Alliance’s Universal Second Factor (U2F).

User passwords are considered to be the first line of defense and with multiple password managers collaborating, the standard is going to be a major step in simplifying security for all users on all their devices. Ian McGinniss from Google has revealed that Google is excited to collaborate with Dashlane and help build a new standard for app authentication.

The API that Google and Dashlane are working on isn’t stable and hence they haven’t come out with details about how it is going to work. The API is going to work like the Smart Lock. The Smart Lock is a password manager that works with Google accounts and pre-fills login credentials for the different Android apps and sites on Chrome in various devices.

The new password standard from Google and Dashlane are going to try to move the API beyond only Android devices. There is an effort being made to implement app and password managers in different operating systems and platforms. Malaika Nicholas, the community manager for Dashlane, said that Google and Dashlane are trying to keep one-step ahead of the demand in the current market.

The universally acceptable Android app authentication that they are working on is going to work not only on different Android devices but also on various operating systems, and this is going to be a new thing.

There are password managers that allow the smartphone’s accessibility. These work like a virtual keyboard where the user needs to type in the login details, but the implementation is still quite clumsy and does not have universal application.