Google’s New Password Standard Is Being Worked Out In Collaboration With Dashlane, Set To Eliminate Passwords, Functional Across Different Operating Systems

Reusing of passwords has become a problem for security, and it’s hard to create a unique password within 14 characters and remember all of them. It is not easy for a standard user to remember all the users that they require for their daily use. Different security systems can use the fingerprint of the user or the scanned iris to identify the user, but they aren’t helpful.

Google has been working on changing the password standard for a while now. They started with the push notification login system that makes use of the two-step authentication tool. This has already removed the need for users to type in multiple codes when they want to make use of the different Google products.

The human brain isn’t always capable of remembering the complicated sequence of letters, numbers and special characters that are used to create passwords. This has caused many users to shift to using different parts of their body as passwords.

This has brought about the prevalence of fingerprint scanners. Google’s new standard for the password is going to take a step towards eliminating passwords.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Google’s new password standard. While some feel that the initiative is going to go a long way in ensuring better security, many aren’t sure about how it is going to work out.

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