Michael Phelps Bags 21st Gold, Is Now a Better Man, Has Changed His Diet

Meanwhile, Phelps’ ex-girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler, has lashed out at him, accusing him of exposing her private details, and thus making her the butt of ridicule. Apparently, Phelps used to sleep around with women at random and even cheated on his now-fiancée by dating Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009, simultaneously.

She also claimed that she was with him during his 2014 DUI arrest, a claim which Phelps had previously denied.

But it may be that the new father has sobered up. His infamous death stare notwithstanding, his coach Bob Bowman says that Phelps is currently in a very happy place in his life.

That he has started taking better care of things is also evident from the change in his diet. While as a 23 year old he had freaked the world out by letting out that he consumed 12000 calories daily, it made sense, being a young man training for five hours for six days and doing lifting as well.

Now, at 31, training for two to four hours a day, his decreased consumption of calories, is not something out of the line.

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