New Content For Friday The 13th Including Virtual Cabin With Museum, Content Available Only On PC, Fan Video Of Jason Voorhees In GTA V

New content for Friday the 13th: The Game has been revealed by the developers. The new content is for the Virtual Cabin, and it can be purchased by players for only $15.

The new content is going to bring in a room for the camp counselors in the Friday the 13th game. The Virtual Cabin content with the room for the counselors will let the players get a glimpse of them before the killer is unleashed at the campsite.

Illfonic, the developers of Friday the 13th: The Game have revealed on their web page that they are going to release the counselor models, and are also going to incorporate a large number of Easter eggs for the players to comprehend.

The counselor room was something that the team of Friday the 13th: The Game were working on while they were free. They felt the game needed some updates and attention and hence they worked on these elements, which will enhance the whole gaming experience.

The Virtual Cabin is going to become the display area for the whole game. It is a standalone structure and serves as a museum for the players. While the players do not gain much from the Virtual Cabin, they can use it if they want to rediscover the whole game. Games N Guide reported that the museum would not be available without the Virtual Cabin.

The minimum hardware requirement for it is Windows 7-10, with a 2.0 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU, a memory space of 8GB. The feature also requires a DirectX 11 Compatible GPU with a RAM of 2GB and a hard disk space of 3GB.

The room that has been introduced into Friday the 13th includes assets that the players can interact with apart from a radio that plays commentaries from the developers and different samples from the soundtrack of the game. The content is only available on PC, and so console players will have to wait for the developers to roll out the counselor room for the different consoles. Rumor suggests that different consoles will get the update in fall this year.

The museum that the content has introduced into Friday the 13th includes all things related to Jason Voorhees. There is a 3D model of the wardrobe changes that he has seen in his decade-long career in the different films from Friday the 13th franchise. It is a developer’s diary and shows the dedication and effort of the team working on Friday the 13th: The Game.

The Illfonic panel at PAX East said that Friday the 13th: The Game is going to bring in a new map of the Higgins Haven property. The location is going to be close to the shores of Crystal Lake and will be similar to the one seen in the films, Friday the 13th: Part III and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

The video for the new Higgins Haven property map was shown at PAX East. Apart from this, Friday the 13th: The Game also showed the serial killer, Jason, slamming the head of one of the campers on a door repeatedly until he dies. The sequence is called the Door Kill, and the video for the same is also available on YouTube.

Friday the 13th: The Game is going to be launched in October this year. It is a multiplayer game, where one of the players take the role of Jason Voorhees while the other players become the campers. Some of the other players include the jock and the girl next door. Friday the 13th: The Game is a crowd-funded game based on the famous serial killer franchise.