Ariana Grande Collaborates With Mac Miller For “Into You” Remix, Reveals Information On Her World Tour, Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston

Ariana Grande recently opened a Soundcloud account, and she has been making good use of it so far. She has already uploaded a couple of unreleased songs. Ariana Grande has been keeping the love pouring for her fans with new music on it. She added two re-imagined tracks from the past, “Voodoo Love” and “Honeymoon Ave.”

Much to the delight of the fans, Ariana Grande treated them to her a remix version of her summer hit, “Into You.” She collaborated with rapper Mac Miller for the remixed version of “Into You.”

According to MTV, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande have been friends ever since they had collaborated for “Baby It’s Cold Outside” back in December 2012. The two had come together for Ariana Grande’s 2013 hit single, “The Way.”

While Ariana Grande’s original “Into You” was a cappella version that had won the hearts of the fans, the remix version with Mac Miller is way better. Miller adds a touch of seduction to the song, and his rapping gives the song a new zing. The fans have a host of songs to pick from in Ariana Grande’s Soundcloud, and they are hoping that she keeps uploading more and more.

Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman album’s singles went on to become a huge success. She pushed herself and created music that the fans had never expected from her, thus proving to the world that she is someone who will continue to push the limits.

Given how successful Dangerous Woman turned out to be even before its release, Ariana Grande has been in talks to start a world tour with the album for a while now.

The fans had been eagerly waiting for Grande to reveal the details of her Dangerous Woman tour, and it seems like she is finally ready to let out the information. Inquisitr reported that Ariana Grande has finally revealed that she is going to start the tour in 2016 or early 2017.

Ariana Grande fans had been getting impatient with no updates on the world tour. They finally decided to ask the singer what her plans are for the same and asked her to shell out specific details.

Ariana Grande was moved by the interest of the fans and said that she loves her fans, and she simply can’t wait to start touring with Dangerous Woman. While she didn’t reveal any set dates for the world tour, Grande said that she would be in a position to announce that by the end of the summer.

When fans heard that Ariana Grande was going to reveal the dates for her Dangerous Woman world tour after summer, they asked her if by the end of summer she had meant August. Much to the surprise of her Twitter followers, Ariana Grande confirmed that she would be revealing the dates for the world tour by the end of August.

Ariana Grande went on to say that she is working on the song list for the tour, and said that she is planning on mixing up some of her hit singles for it. Fans are hopeful that Grande is going to perform some of the reworked and unreleased singles that she has uploaded on Soundcloud during the tour.

Grande sure knows how to make her fans happy. She has taken to Instagram to tell her fans that she is missing her tour life and is waiting to get back on the road. She shared video clips from her 2015 Honeymoon tour and said that she missed her fans and couldn’t wait to start on her Dangerous Woman tour.